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Let Nature Heal

Our society has lost touch with the earth in recent centuries. Because of the Western comforts of everyday life, we no longer consider how much is really needed to produce what we consume every day. Do we as homo sapiens have a God complex? Are we out of balance with our planet? Perhaps a new experience can provide answers to these questions.

In Let Nature Heal, immersive artist Jacco Kooistra combines his love for nature and the new interests of the human brain in a topical narrative about the state of our planet.

Let Nature Heal is a virtual world where people are reminded of their descent from nature. Let Nature Heal is told through the five stages of grief. In the last few centuries, humanity has lost touch with the earth. Jacco’s motive is not to call viewers to immediate action but to let them experience that the beautiful cycle of giving back to Mother Nature is inescapable.

Director & developer   Jacco Kooistra

Production  Yunus M. Benli, Rik Kornmann

Music composer  Jan Driessen

FX Artists  Igor Jongenelis, Brit Reijners, Biniyam van de Venis