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Makers Lab

In the Makers Lab you can brainstorm, but above all make things. The Makers Lab in the Benno Premsela House of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences consists of a presentation and meeting room, and a room with machines and work tables. In addition to computer-controlled machines such as a 3D printer and laser cutting machine, the Makers Lab also has a wide range of regular machines and tools at its disposal, for example for sawing, soldering, sanding, vacuum forming, bending, drilling or cutting.

For more information and an introduction to the space, please contact us by e-mail: or 06-1842 5055 Please note! Only for students and employees of the AUAS.
The Observatory is the research laboratory of the Media, Information and Communication program of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. It offers researchers, students and lecturers a practical space where research can be carried out in a professional manner. They can do fieldwork in the researchers’ room of the Observatory in the form of surveys, group discussions, in-depth interviews, face readings or observations. The research can be recorded from the control room with mirrored wall for further analysis and reporting.

The Observatory is located in the Benno Premselahuis and is available to both teachers and students who want to conduct research.