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VR Atelier

This atelier, coordinated by Lisette Vonk and Kees Rijsenbrij, is focused on finding creative solutions to complex questions around virtual/augmented reality. Students, the industry, teachers, and researchers work together in a community of practice on finding practical solutions through, amongst others, design, tests, prototypes and research (thinking and doing). The minor Virtual Reality is part of this atelier.

No project is to small or big for VR/AR/MR! The VR/AR atelier gives everyone the opportunity to try, play, test, protoype, and research in VR. The atelier, located in the Wibauthuis in room 06A30, is a community of practice where we work together on VR/AR/MR projects

HvA, The minor Virtual Reality starting in September and February, is part of this atelier: interdisciplinary teams consisting of, but not limited to, ICT, AMFI, MIC, CO and CMD students work together with an industry partner on new and relevant VR/AR/MR experiences.