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Immersive Lab for Interdisciplinary Research @ AHK

Situated inside the MakerSpace at Amsterdam’s Marineterrein is VRSpace.

Every year students of the Amsterdam University of the Arts get the chance to apply for a research period at the VRSpace on the Marineterrein, in which they can explore and develop their concepts with the newest techniques like motion capture, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, interactive visuals and spatial audio with the support and coaching of different specialists. They can work alone, in cross-over collaboration with students of other AHK faculties or with creative start-ups. With the recent launch of the 4-year Immersive Media course at the Netherlands Film Academy a new group of young immersive artists are ready to participate with all other Amsterdam University of Arts students in VRSpace. Beyond that there will still be support from (guest) teachers.

VRSpace is part of the VRAcademy, an interdisciplinary initiative from the Netherlands Film Academy aiming to share their immersive know-how with all six academies within Amsterdam University of Arts.