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The Sonotrope

Sonotrope audio performance

The first Sonotrope sound-art piece was performed at the Overkill Festival 2019 in Enschede by Alfred Marseille, Jilt van Moorst and Robin Noorda. The Sonotrope installation acts as ‘motion to music sculpture’ and controls some modular synthesizers.

The Sonotrope is a sound installation and performance tool, a spatial music creation and playback system for sound-artist and dancers. It enables one to capture movement as tracks of music, resulting in an interactive music sculpture, a 3D crystallized composition as recorded multi-track sound score constellation with a significant visual idiom.

The Sonotrope had it’s first improvised dance performance during Cinedans 2019 at Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam and was choreographed by Heidi Vierthaler, in collaboration with dancers Luca Cacitti and Shay Partush. 

​Sonotrope is an ongoing work in progress and originaly funded by the Creative Industries Fund NL, the Mondriaan Foundation, Tropism and the Lectorate of the Netherlands Film Academy. It is also a workshop at the VRAcademy Amsterdam and other art academies. A poetry version is in development as well.