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Amsterdam Immersive Alliance (AIA) is a collaboration between the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Amsterdam University of the Arts. The purpose of this website is to document their courses, workshops, student projects, research projects and labs pertaining to the theme of immersion.

The major contributors to this website are:

With the overview presented on this website we aim to inspire students and educators when starting new initiatives. Moreover it is the start of a cooperation which we expect to lead to new cooperative research projects between the two universities.

Immersive is an important theme for both universities, directly relating to the future of our education. Our focus is on the development of immersive media as an artform, interface and medium, as well as the development of immersive media as a creation tool and the use of it as a digital classroom. By collaborating and disseminating our knowledge we hope to enable  researchers and students to exchange insights, inspiration and resources, both with each other and with external partners in the arts, science and creative industries.

This collaboration between Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Amsterdam University of the Arts has been funded by the Centre of Expertise for Creative Innovation (CoECI).