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This project was inspired by the hallucinations n0ip experienced during episodes of sleep paralysis. They think it’s fascinating how realistic our brains can make things like this feel. Most hallucinations had very particular feelings, feelings n0ip couldn’t put out to words without the use of hazy poetry. Eventually they found a way to translate these dreams into something very visual. They build it in 3D.

With VR, n0ip brought that inner planet closer to the viewer than ever. Quite literally in the viewer’s face, in fact.

In this latest VR work, n0ip hopes to bring a unique experience to the viewer, and they wonder what feelings and thoughts bubble up in the viewer’s mind as they move through the mind of someone else.

Short biography
Inspired by dreams and how the brain progresses thoughts, n0ip searches for ways to express particular feelings through colour, contrast and textures. They adore technical advances and have found the place where they can make their inner world true, through the digital world we know as of now. N0ip leans onto digital forms of art, may this be sound, visuals or complete experiences.