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Caught Up Synergy

The time has come for us to ask ourselves again: ”Are machines not alive?”. No sense of awareness drives the impulse that it is us giving away our humanity. As they are becoming us, we are losing ourselves, and they are acquiring from us. It is our actions and reactions, within our very nature, that make them become us. They are acquiring because of us. What we hear, what we see and what we say is no longer ours only by right. If each of us lives in their own reality, there are more realities than the number of us. We have extended ourselves in them, only to find that now we rely on them to be us. As they are becoming us, we are becoming them. Us and them is becoming just us.

Caught Up Synergy is an audiovisual performance ( of roughly 15 min.) that reflects on this relation between us and them. By reading diversified digital files as raw audio and as raw video data, the artists uncover the underlying digital culture produced by digital beings, hearing and seeing it. This is then used as source material to explore how the performer’s actions and body movement can affect live the electronic musical and visual outcome, and how this, in turn, affects the performer’s reactions.

Makers: Diogo Carriço & Daniel Bolba