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Immersive Media

Bachelor’s Programme in Immersive Media. At the Netherlands Film Academy, students can specialize in Immersive Media during the 4-year Bachelor Film programme.

The academy
The Netherlands Film Academy trains students to become specialists in the film industry. Collaboration between these specialists is a particular characteristic both of the industry itself and of the teaching at the academy. Students learn all the techniques they will need to enable them to carry out their profession at the highest level. They are trained to be true film makers and given plenty of scope to develop their talent and their own voice and style.

In the first two years, you will learn to use both the software and necessary hardware required to shape a narrative VR experience. You will also learn about the methods of VR Storytelling and learn to critically examine the work of other creators.

From the second year you will focus entirely on Immersive media and learn to collaborate on IM productions with students from the Film Academy, as well as from other programs within the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK).

As an immersive media maker, you will often work in small teams. Therefore, you will learn a lot about both the content and the technical process of making. Where your focus will ultimately lie within the study is entirely up to you. For Immersive media, the professional perspective is still very much open. Currently there is a huge shortage of people with technical knowledge in the Netherlands alone. If on top of that you have creative knowledge and experience in various collaborations, there will be a range of creators and companies that want to work with you.

Artistic vision
During your training, you’ll work with the latest software and techniques. That doesn’t mean you spend four years just sitting behind a screen. You work closely with the other disciplines at the Film Academy and the other academies of the AHK to tell a story together, together. How do you give form to ideas and plans? And how do you present your work to your fellow students? It is all covered in this course. You will learn to combine your knowledge of software with an artistic, substantive vision.