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No Man’s Land

No Man’s Land is a virtual reality experience set in the trenches of the First World War. Featuring a physical set including a mud-like-feeling floor, vibration motors to simulate shell impacts, and a physical item you hold onto to light the VR world around you, this immersive experience allows you to step into the shoes of a British soldier and come face to face with the dangers of a German offensive. No Man’s Land offers the opportunity to discover this interactive world for yourself. This fully computer-generated experience will react to your actions and input and will bring you closer to the First World War than ever before.

Directors Richard van Brunschot, Rick Hulzinga
Screenplay Bodil Matheeuwsen, Lorans Al Dandachli
Sound Design Lode Woltersom
Production Design Henk Pol, Klaudia Schenkels
Animation Carolien Bakker, Emma Kiki de Vries
FX Cyriel Verkuijlen
Digital Matte Painting Juriaan Wolters
Rigging Rick Majoor
3D Art Koen Olijerhoek, Anouk Regensburg

Richard van Brunschot
In the second year of studying IMVFX at the Netherlands Film Academy, Richard decided to specialize in 3D modeling for real-time applications such as VR and games. In the third year he started working on the concept for No Man’s Land. For his graduation project he was responsible for creating the 3D assets for the digital world of No Man’s Land. After graduating, Richard decided to shift to software development instead of 3D art, and has since then been employed as a software developer.

Rick Hulzinga
From a young age Rick has been interested in the technical aspects of film / broadcasting. To combine his interests in technology and his passion for film, Rick started studying IMVFX at the Netherlands Film Academy. This study gave him the ability to combine his creative and technical skills. In the second year he discovered his interest and passion for Immersive Media. From his second year until graduation Rick has worked on multiple (interactive) virtual reality experiences with as a highlight his graduation project, No Man’s Land. After his graduation, Rick started his own company and started freelancing as a visual effects pipeline-td.