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In 2015 the virtual reality minor started in a small lab dedicated to exploring the possibilities of virtual and later on extended reality in combination with personal learning tracks for mixed teams of multidisciplinary students.

In the XR (virtual, augmented, mixed reality) lab, interdisciplinary groups of students work with industry to create an XR experience. In the lab we try to set up a community of practice where we work together to find solutions to industry problems and build a knowledge base about the applications of XR. We are literally and figuratively bringing industry, research and education closer together.

Every half year a group of new students from all the faculties of the AUAS complemented with up to four students from abroad, join the minor and embark on an adventure into the world of extended reality. Combining skills of very different disciplines from fashion to architecture, always with a healthy amount of technology savviness leads to surprising results.

For the first two weeks of the school year, students engage in a pressure cooker project in which they are challenged to create a very small VR experience. After these two weeks they meet the clients who propose a challenge or research question. After a week the students pitch their proposals to five or six companies who choose the idea which is most promising for them. For the rest of the semester the student group works in a scrum-based organization with support from teachers from different fields of expertise on solving the problem or answering the (research) question.

Contacts: Lisette Vonk, Kees Rijsenbrij

Examples of work done in the minor over the past two years:

The World of Misu, 2021
Thijs Adema
Aaron Ligthart
Luca Ruiters
Noah Strijdbos
Emilie Vleemingh

Tai Chi stories, 2021
Mathias Bruin
Mathijs Janz
Celeste Pignata
Mark Schutte
Quintin Yu

Knitaverse: 2022
Jarmo van Dongen
Imara van de Wel
Merel Jansma
Laurens Cnossen
Chaunce Yuen

Robotlab: 2022
Keafer Westphal
Carmen Wibiƫr
Kamiel de Visser
Chris Mallet
Ester Willems