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Spectator’s ship

Spectator’s ship is a participatory film project that invites the audience to frame together the notion of “spectatorship” in the context of “immersive cinema”.

“Spectatorship, Trust, Responsibility. Long John Silver is not interested in those. All he cares about is his missing eye and an old gold treasure. I, on the other hand, am concerned. I start understanding why Captain Flint insisted on signing a contract before departure. We left the port ahead of schedule and the ship will have to be finished on the way. We are reaching open waters very soon. The question is who is going to be the captain and who the master of this journey.”

Short biography
Momchil Alexiev is a graduate from La Sapienza University in Rome and The Netherlands Film Academy. Over the past 15 years he works as a filmmaker and theatre scenographer. His artistic research as founder of Actifilm studio is focused on establishing new organic connections between performance, cinematic space and video projections. His recent work is a continuation of this process. In it he questions the notion of spectatorship in the context of virtual reality and immersive media. His interactive VR films have been shown at numerous festivals like VR Days and SIFF. Momchil is founder of the first Bulgarian VR meetup VR Lab BG and a Sundance Institute alumni. The focus of his projects is to raise a discussion on the changing conditions of film spectatorship and introduce the idea of immersiveness as a tool for storytelling.