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Cooking with AR

This project focused on large-scale restaurants that focus on families. The aim of the project was to entertain the children in these restaurants in a way that introduces them to different cooking techniques.

End result
The end product is a play kitchen with various cooking components on the counter and a screen on the back wall that functions as a mirror with an Augmented Reality (AR) layer over it. In this play kitchen you can cook with virtual ingredients. By having discs with an image of an ingredient scanned by the camera, these virtual ingredients can become visible on the screen. Subsequently, these ingredients can be ‘cooked’. For example, the ingredient can be cut into pieces by the knife, it can be fried in the pan and it can be washed via the tap. In addition, recipes can also be followed by going through different steps, creating a dish. The game is also occasionally interrupted for a mini-game in which different cooking techniques are discussed.