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Giant And The Wolf

Virtual Reality (VR) is in itself an isolated and non-social medium. If the virtual reality player wants to play together with his or her friends. They never actually play together, but take turns. Because you are completely isolated from reality in virtual reality, it feels like you are alone and not in a shared environment. This is the problem I wanted to solve during my graduation.

End result
During this exciting adventure, I tried to make VR more social and interactive for the people watching. I soon found out that the people watching themselves wanted to become part of the virtual world that the VR player is in. From this point of view, I started looking at how I could involve the mobile phone in this. Because almost everyone has a mobile phone we can use this, the mobile player is a little wolf who is hungry. The VR player is a giant who has to help the wolf to get to the food. Due to the giant’s size, he can pick up large obstacles and has an overview of the entire level. The wolf, on the other hand, is super mobile and can be found in narrower areas. With this game, every interaction has been thought through, so that the collaboration of VR player and mobile player is stimulated. With this interactive communication game, cooperation is the key to success.