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Educational Card Game

Educational Card Game in Virtual Reality Using alternative future scenarios to educate players on different subjects.


In this thesis the use of alternative future scenarios in an educational VR experience is discussed. There are many VR experiences available and a lot of games with alternative future scenarios on the market, but not a lot of games that combine the both of them in an educational package. By having this insight, the question that came up was: How can alternative future scenarios be used in a multiplayer VR card game for educational purposes? To answer this question, research was done on the value of alternative future scenarios and immersion caused by VR on the decision making process of the player. Each of these aspects had their own research conducted and were brought together in a single VR game. In the game one up to four players have to make decisions based on a dilemma they receive, this dilemma is one out of many players will have to face in a given scenario, the scenarios are something that can be made by for example teachers using the scenario creator which the project provides. The goal of the game is to eventually help players improve their decision making ability by discussing and reflecting with the other players they are playing the game with.

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