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Digital Campus AUAS: Felix Merites and Scheepvaartmuseum

This concept explores the potential of the hybrid campus. The hybrid campus unites and goes beyond both digital and physical campuses to facilitate a sense of place, shared embodied experiences, and serendipitous encounters toward developing a sense of belonging. The digital twin of a campus is just part of the potential offered by digital spaces. The potential of extending “the real space,” e.g. to have infinite meeting spaces or to be able to teleport to alternative locations are all opportunities offered by digital spaces. But, how can participation be equalised whether connecting in person, in virtual reality or via a laptop? For example, to organise future graduation ceremonies so that they can carry a similar weight as in-person ceremonies of the past.

Experiment – Exploring Amsterdam across digital twins of the HVA, FelixMeritus and het Scheepvaartmuseum in (VR)
Together with The New Base, we developed a digital twin of HVA square. There, and in two other locations across Amsterdam, we hosted an event and experiments in VR bringing together some of our teams to meet “in-avatar.” In the half-day event, we explored ice-breaking, pitch training, lectures, and VR experiments. Highlights included a dance off and Ethics in XR lecture by Anna Valeri Jelezovskaia.

Short biography
Why wait until the tech that shapes our future is a given? Instead, let’s work on ideas to successfully integrate digital technology in our lives and society today.
At Digital Society School we invite you to direct your interests, knowledge and effort towards building a digital society. Because we believe that it can -and should- be inclusive, intelligent, and involve us all.
Change is paradoxical, in that we continuously strive for it while being afraid of it at the same time. Transformation takes this one step further. It touches the core of what everything has been like up to the point of transformation. It requires creativity and courage: the courage to pursue grand, abstract goals and the creativity to solve, by 2030, the challenges the world now faces.
To this end, we have founded the Digital Society School. Through the school, we seek to research the impact of technology on society, develop the skills necessary to guide the transformation and pass on this knowledge and these skills to a new generation of professionals. They are ready to begin work on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. They will be the architects of transformation, across the world as well as in your organisation