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Emerging Technology for Business

Within the Emerging Technology for Business professorship, high-quality, practice-oriented knowledge is gathered about the use of emerging digital technologies by companies and the effects this has on serving and retaining customers, competitiveness, business models, and commercial processes.

The aim of the lectorate is to provide industry and education with applied knowledge about the adoption, use and impact of emerging digital technologies.

The professorship focuses in particular on potentially disruptive technological innovations, such as smart devices, service/social robotics, augmented/virtual reality, biometrics, and conversational interfaces.

The lectorate uses an information science perspective, which implies that the focus of the research is on the researched technologies themselves, taking into account the adoption, use, (further) development and the consequences of the use of these technologies for the company. . Within the business administration domain, special attention is paid to the marketing effects of the use of emerging digital technologies.

The lectorate works closely with small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular from the retail and technology sector, and sector organisations. The research group also has close ties with universities and other universities of applied sciences. Companies and other institutions can turn to the lectorate for research and advice in the field of emerging digital technologies. Please contact the lecturer Tibert Verhagen for more information.